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Mike & Brenda Harkins, Owners/Strategic-Partners



We enjoy working together and make a great team.

Mike Harkins

Mike spent more than thirty years in corporate America leading and motivating people, teams and organizations. He makes sure people are in roles that maximize their strengths and bring value to the company.


Brenda Harkins

Brenda is a life coach and mediator who has spent over twenty years helping individuals discover their talents, grow them into strengths, increase their skills, and strengthen their personal and professional relationships.


Both Mike and Brenda consult with companies to help them create strong teams that are needed to reach their goals. Our combined experience benefits both clients and candidates.


The Big Picture: 

We believe that quality people are a company’s greatest asset, and having the right people in the right positions takes a company from good to great. We want to help companies and people be the very best they can be by identifying what success means to them and helping them achieve it. The effect of this is far reaching, impacting the candidates, the clients and ultimately the community.


Together we package a win for both clients and candidates by building solid, long-term relationships with clients, understanding and prioritizing their goals and needs, and then identifying talents and skills within candidates that will help achieve client goals. We genuinely desire to live out the PrideStaff mission by consistently providing clients with experiences focused on what they value most.


The Scoop on Staffing: 

Finding skilled candidates who enjoy the work they do, and can help our clients succeed, is one of the greatest joys of staffing! Staffing is an excellent opportunity to marry the talents and strengths of our clients and candidates. It is highly rewarding to discover what small to medium size businesses in our community need and value, identify who they need on their teams to make those dreams happen, then offer high quality services providing qualified candidates who best meet their staffing needs. The staffing business fulfills our desire to play a role in helping everyone succeed.


Secrets to Success: 

Integrity. Faith. Courage.

Know what your strengths and passions are, build your life around them, and then help others do the same. When you love what you're doing, success follows.


Favorite Stress Reliever: 

Brenda reduces stress (and increases focus) by writing. Mike enjoys reading, particularly military history. We enjoy spending time with our children, grandchildren, and each other. We are also active in our non-profit, helping people get to a better place.


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