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How to Spend the First 15 Minutes of Your Work Day

Posted in Career Best Practices, Management Best Practices

The first 15 minutes of your work morning can set the tone for the entire day. Here are 4 steps to get off to a more productive start. Ever get...
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Setting Career Resolutions (Goals)

Posted in Career Best Practices

New Year's resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're trying to earn a raise, get a promotion or transition to a new line of work, use these tips from PrideStaff to create a roadmap for career success in 2015.
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Adjust Your Cover Letter

Posted in Job Search Tips, Career Best Practices

Are you a "generic" employee? Of course not! You have unique skills, experience and personality traits that will make you an indispensable part of the team you will eventually join...
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How to Gain Experience Right Out of College

Posted in Career Best Practices

Job prospects for college grads have improved substantially since the Great Recession. But while unemployment for recent college graduates has declined steadily since 2011, underemployment has increased – meaning that fewer graduates are using their degrees to their full advantage. PrideStaff offers some help. Use these suggestions to gain that much-needed experience right out of college.
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Don't be Scared to Apply for Jobs this Halloween

Posted in Career Best Practices, Job Search Tips

If you lack the proper confidence in your abilities, you might feel as though the world is playing a cruel joke on you. Don't let a lack of confidence scare you out of applying for jobs this Halloween season. Instead, use these tips from PrideStaff to gain confidence in your job skills and convey them properly when applying for a job...
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Do the Skills Fit the Job

Posted in , Recruiting

In this post, PrideStaff explains why, when candidates are in short supply, it's more important to hire for fit than skills. This post outlines a few reasons why hiring a candidate for fit is crucial.
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