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The Watercooler is PrideStaff's blog covering trends and tips for successfully managing issues in the workplace, such as: retention, employee engagement, and interviewing.


Are People Yelling, "Put me in, coach!"?

Posted in Recruiting

How deep is your bench – your talent bench, that is? If you don't have a line of superstars ready to "step up to the plate" for your organization, your...
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Half of All Job Applications Contain Inaccuracies. Here's How to Protect Yourself.

Posted in Management Best Practices, Human Resources

Whether you're bringing on temporary, contract or direct staff, two things are clear: You must complete thorough background and reference checks to ensure worker quality and protect your company. Conducting...
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Stress is Costing U.S. Companies Millions Each Year

Posted in Management Best Practices

PrideStaff, a leading national staffing agency, shares tips you can use to improve your employees' stress levels and increase productivity.
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Conducting Year-End Reviews

Posted in Management Best Practices

Year-end employee reviews can be extremely helpful, if conducted in the right way. Here are PrideStaff’s tips for turning your reviews into constructive, motivating sessions:
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