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The Watercooler is PrideStaff's blog covering trends and tips for successfully managing issues in the workplace, such as: retention, employee engagement, and interviewing.


Stress is Costing U.S. Companies Millions Each Year

Posted in Management Best Practices

PrideStaff, a leading national staffing agency, shares tips you can use to improve your employees' stress levels and increase productivity.
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Healthcare Reform - Review

Posted in Management Best Practices, Recruiting

Miss the latest PrideStaff Live healthcare webinar? Here is a quick recap of Renee Bosley's presentation, plus a link to a full recording.
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Why You Shouldn't Just Hang Up on a Recruiter, Even Though You Already Have a Job

Posted in Job Search Tips,

Even if you're gainfully employed, PrideStaff recommends you do these three things when a recruiter calls, instead of hanging up immediately.
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What Can You Learn from Facebook's Billion Dollar Hiring Mistake?

Posted in Recruiting, Management Best Practices

What was Facebook's biggest recruiting mistake – and what can you do to ensure you don't fall into the same trap? PrideStaff offers practical recruiting advice.
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Tips for Explaining a Resume Gap

Posted in Job Search Tips

A resume gap can keep you from landing the job you want. Use PrideStaff’s tips to effectively explain that gap in your work history.
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Losing Good Candidates to Competitors? These Tips Will Help Change That.

Posted in Management Best Practices

"Thanks for the generous offer, but I've decided to accept a position with another company." After weeks spent recruiting, interviewing and courting an exceptional candidate, it's tough to get turned...
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