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The Watercooler is PrideStaff's blog covering trends and tips for successfully managing issues in the workplace, such as: retention, employee engagement, and interviewing.


Picking Up New Skills Through Temp Jobs

Posted in Career Best Practices

Struggling to find work? Stuck in a dead-end job? Want to "level up" in your chosen field? Temp jobs may be a great option! According to the American Staffing Association,...
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Developing Career Paths for Superstars

Posted in Management Best Practices, Recruiting

Think like one of your star employees for a moment: If you didn't see a promising future with your current employer, would you look for a better opportunity elsewhere? In...
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Send Out a Career SOS

Posted in Career Best Practices, Job Search Tips

Stuck in a job that's "just paying the bills?" Bored at work? Ready for a job change, but afraid to make a switch? You may be stuck in a proverbial...
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The Skilled Labor Shortage is Growing

Posted in Recruiting, Management Best Practices

Struggling to find qualified, skilled labor? You're not alone; it's a harsh recruiting reality. Data from PrideStaff's 2014 Workforce Hiring Projections shows that demand for skilled labor is on the rise. PrideStaff, a leading national employment agency, provides tips for addressing today's skills gaps.
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Preparing for a Panel Interview

Posted in Job Search Tips,

You were thrilled to be called in for an interview. And then you learned that it was going to be a panel format. To increase efficiency and shorten the hiring...
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Short-Term Hiring Outlook

Posted in , Recruiting,

Hiring? It's on the rise. In fact, PrideStaff's latest research study shows that more companies are planning to increase hiring substantially in the next six months. Our online survey, conducted...
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