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How Companies Handle Workplace Drug Testing

Posted in Human Resources

Workplace drug testing? It’s a hot topic – and with good reason. Thanks to historically low unemployment, employers across the country are struggling to recruit qualified candidates. At the same...
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Are You Micromanaging to Death? How to Spot and Avoid It

Posted in Management Best Practices

Quick quiz: As a manager, are you: Frequently frustrated by the way employees approach tasks? Continually checking up on your team to see what they're working on? Always developing additional...
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Do You Purposely Try to Ruin Your Staff's Productivity?

Posted in Management Best Practices

Want employees to waste more time? Accomplish less – every day? Of course not. As a manager, it's your job to set up your staff for success – not ruin...
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To Test, or Not to Test? That is the (Employment) Question

Posted in

And it's a really important one. Research presented at the Society for Human Resource Management's 2015 Employment Law & Legislative Conference shows that: Nearly 10 percent of Americans smoke marijuana...
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Office Party Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted in Fun Stuff

If you’re truly terrified at the prospect of dressing up for yet another Halloween party for work, keep reading. PrideStaff has put together this list of easy, fun and, yes, office-appropriate costume ideas just for you...
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