Your Offer Stinks! Here's How to Step Up Your Game and Land Good Talent

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Your Offer Stinks


Sick of candidates giving you the old, "Thanks, but no thanks" routine – or worse yet – being completely ghosted at the offer stage?


It happens more often than you might think.


Candidates have been in the "driver's seat" for a while now; critical talent shortages have created an environment in which talented people literally have their choice of opportunities.


Unless you can afford to pay 50% more than your competitors, how can you increase offer acceptance rates?


Make job offers that great candidates simply cannot refuse.


Sound like an oversimplification? Well, it does take a bit of work; but on today's recruiting frontier, creating irresistible job offers is your best defense against ghosting, poaching and being told your job offers just stink. Below, our national employment agency shares questions you should ask to make sure your job offers are simply too good to pass on:


Are your pay rates competitive?

A small increase in the pay you offer can produce a big increase in both candidate quality and job offer acceptance rates. In this post, we share tips for benchmarking your pay rates to make sure they're competitive and fair:


  • Use online tools to determine pay ranges.
  • Conduct your own competitive research.
  • Leverage your professional networks for pay data.
  • Adjust for compensating factors like cost of living, candidate supply and position vacancy costs.

Do you provide the "extras" high performers want most? Great candidates are motivated by more than just a paycheck; they want a robust job offer that includes things like:


  • Benefits: healthcare, dental and vision plans, 401(k) with matching employer contributions.
  • Flexibility: things like flexible hours, compressed work weeks, job sharing, summer hours and more.
  • Work/life satisfaction: perks that promote a healthy balance between the candidate's personal and professional lives.
  • Social purpose: millennials, in particular, want to work for organizations that have a clear commitment to doing social good.

Do you actively sell the upside of your jobs?

At every stage in your hiring process, from the job posting to the interview to the job offer, do you clearly explain the "WIIFM" (what's in it for me) to candidates?


Just as a candidate has to sell you on why they're the best fit for the role, you must sell the reasons your company – and the opportunity – are a great move for the candidate. Make sure you consistently communicate:


  • How coming to your company will enhance the candidate's career.
  • What the potential for advancement is.
  • How and why you are an employer of choice.
  • How working for your organization would benefit the candidate personally (i.e., in terms of flexibility and work/life satisfaction).


Develop a strong partnership with a national employment agency like PrideStaff. Our recruiters use a variety of proven techniques and national resources to deliver qualified candidates who will accept your offer – and do a great job.


What can we do for you? Contact your local PrideStaff office today to get started.


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