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Denis Pringle, Owner/Strategic-Partner



I enjoy helping small businesses prosper and grow while providing quality job candidates with meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities.


My goal is to become a trusted and valued business partner to small businesses.  It is very satisfying to form working partnerships where everyone benefits.  I value honest communication, feedback, shared responsibilities and cooperation. 


The Big Picture: 

Small business remains the heartbeat of America.  Cash flow management is critical for all businesses, but it's especially important for small businesses.  Every dollar spent on one aspect of running the business is one less available for another part of the enterprise.  Managing personnel needs in relation to business objectives requires both short-term focus and longer-term strategic vision. 


The Scoop on Staffing: 

Hiring full-time staff requires more diligence than ever before. Increasingly, small businesses realize that quality staffing firms can help them succeed and grow. 


At the same time, many remarkable jobseekers remain unemployed or underemployed. It is gratifying to provide them with opportunities to re-enter the workforce, earn steady paychecks and provide for their families.


Secrets to Success: 

Any success I have ever achieved can be attributed to these principles:


  • Having personal integrity and a sense of responsibility in all that I do;
  • Listening to uncover true needs and to understand the core issue;
  • Maintaining a sense of humor and the ability to laugh easily and often;
  • Seeking open, honest and authentic communication; and
  • Pausing often to give thanks, reflect and appreciate the journey.

Stress Relief: 

Reading, watching films, fitness, cooking and travel are very enjoyable to me. My overall goal, though, is to spend as much time as I can with my wife and two daughters.  Life is too short, so I try to give thanks for every day I have with them.



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