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Denis Pringle, Owner/Strategic-Partner



I have been fortunate to work for a handful of the best known and most respected financial services companies anywhere: Merrill Lynch, Wachovia and Wells Fargo. I worked hard, was treated fairly and benefitted immensely from the variety of assignments, colleagues and experiences.


After more than 20 years in corporate marketing positions with these large companies, I am excited to help small businesses succeed and am thrilled also to give quality job candidates meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities! 


I describe myself as a "strategic-marketing professional" because I am at my best when helping others create and implement a strategic plan to solve a problem or reach an objective.  My experience includes developing interactive campaigns to drive sales and increase customer engagement.


In truth, I'm really a "relationship manager," someone who is never more satisfied than when forming working partnerships that generate honest “win-win” situations.  I spent 20 years acting as a liaison between the technical and business sides of financial services organizations and those experiences taught me the value of honest communication, shared responsibilities and cooperation in order to achieve success. 


The Big Picture:

Solving business problems is challenging and I enjoy tackling them.  It is rewarding to be involved in the process of understanding a need, putting together a plan and the right team, and then executing a solution to meet the objective and create a competitive advantage.


Owning a PrideStaff office allows me to do what I love best, be my own boss, and help others succeed.


The Scoop on Staffing:

While the economy shows signs of improvement, small business owners quite rightly remain risk-averse when addressing the need for additions to their workforce.  Hiring full-time staff members requires more diligence than ever before. Increasingly, small businesses realize that staffing firms can help them manage employment needs and risks while sourcing skilled talent.


At the same time, many job seekers remain unemployed or underemployed. Our services give them opportunities to re-enter the workforce, earn steady paychecks and find fulfilling positions.


PrideStaff works hard to develop strong relationships with both businesses and job candidates by paying attention to detail and delivering a “win-win” scenario. 


Secrets to Success:

Any success I have ever achieved can be attributed to my five guiding principles:

  • Personal integrity in all that I do;
  • Listening well to uncover true needs and to understand specific business challenges;
  • A sense of humor and the ability to laugh easily and often;
  • Open, honest communication to say what you mean and mean what you say; and
  • Pausing regularly to give thanks, look around and appreciate the achievements, family and experiences you have.


Stress Relief:

I enjoy exercising in order to stay fit and to keep my mind alert. Reading, watching films, cooking and dining out are also great stress relievers for me.


Travel – especially the Great American road trip – is also very enjoyable. That was in integral part of my upbringing. It gives me perspective on how small, and yet massive, the world really is – and it also makes me thankful for where I live!


Mostly though, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters.  Life is short, so I cherish every day I have with them.

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