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Job Details

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Houston, TX

Date Posted: January 5, 2018
Job Type: Temporary to Hire
Job ID: 159824

Job Description

Extrusion Operator / Spiral Cutter Operator

Large Manufacturing Company looking to hire extrusion operators/plastic film.

Job Purpose:

(1)    Operate and monitor the production of quality blown and stretched film according to internal product type specifications and customer profiles.

(2)   Work with efficiency and compliance, following safety rules and regulations for self and coworkers.

(3)  Assure compliance with company and industry rules, general orders, and instructions.


Essential Job Functions:

(1) Operate extruders and stretchers to produce specific items of blown film and stretched film

(2)    Practice safe work habits

(3)    Handle film material and equipment


Job Requirements:

The following skills and abilities are judged to be critical for performing the essential job functions in a safe and satisfactory manner. Job candidates and employees may satisfy these requirements with or without reasonable accommodations.


(1)    Understand written and/or verbal job information in English.

Receive, understand, and comply with verbal and/or written instructions by lead man and/or supervisor

Read and understand work orders, posted bulletins, rule books, regulations, procedures, and safety signs

Record data on forms

Record all pertinent information on roll label with marker.  Item number to be placed on each end of roll

Effective communication with lead man/supervisor and coworkers

(2)     Numerical Skills

Basic knowledge of addition and subtraction

Figure and plot basis weights

Calculate and enter roll data on appropriate form

Weigh stretch roll

Use and read a tape measure

(3)     Technical Competencies

Must be able to learn to operate extruders and computer keyboard literacy

Must be able to learn to operate spiral cutter monitors and controls, electrical hoist

Properly use the following tools: measuring tape, knife, air line, and wrenches.


Perform Physical Activities:


Must be able to exert muscular strength sufficient to occasionally push/pull 120 lbs. and lift/carry 60 lbs. to a 5 ½ foot level; Push /pull 80 lbs. and lift/carry 60 lbs. to a 5 ½; 84” metal ends – 85 lbs; winder L – 241”; 75 lbs – 90” core; Pull 120 lbs and carry/lift 30 lbs while climbing up 12, 12-inch steps; Reach to a 75 inch level; cut cores using core cutter; remain standing for over a half work shift with the opportunity to change positions; frequently climb stairs to monitor film production; and routinely climb vertical ladders when manufacturing the film, and occasionally crawl and balance.


Work Conditions:

(1)     Physical environment

Work is constantly performed in-doors on concrete floors involving extreme temperatures, safety shoes required; must be able to climb and work infrequently at elevations more than 20 feet; work is under noise level requiring the use of ear plugs

(2)     Job schedule environment

Must be willing to work all shifts

(3)     Safety environment

Must be willing to perform job functions following set safety procedures