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Florence, KY

Salary: $14
Date Posted: October 3, 2017
Job Type: Temporary to Hire
Job ID: 283710

Job Description

Great client in Florence has a 3rd Shift Customer Service position.

Mon-Fri 11:30p-8:00a; Temp To Hire 

As a frontline follow up agent of our organization we require you to assist in the completion of profitable, timely and efficient repair dispatches. Proactive follow-up while maintaining a positive customer service attitude is a must. Following set processes, maintaining excellent customer service standards, and adhering to company profit goals are key to the success of the company. This position is often a precursor to higher level job functions in the Operations department.


1.   I-Trax Follow-up
1.1   Monitor ITRAX queue to ensure a timely follow up.
1.2   ETA’s and Roll time accuracy if paramount – Time zone difference MUST be kept in mind
1.3   Be mindful of categories that require attention outside of the normal dispatch process
1.3.1   DISP/AM
1.3.2   PO/AUTH
1.3.3   UPS OVRFLO
1.3.4   PHH ARVAL
1.4   Repairs must be documented appropriately upon each touch

2.   E-mail management
2.1   Monitor email regularly for customer correspondence, repair requests, etc.
2.1.1   Respond quickly
2.2   Consistently place your name in the signature area of all outbound e-mails
2.3   Only move e-mail to folders other than the inbox when all processes have been completed

3.   Resources
3.1   Uses departmental resources effectively
3.1.1   During and after hours
3.2   When required
3.2.1   By job type
3.2.2   When unclear on correct actions to take

4.   Meets Standards of Performance and Quality:
4.1   Maintains an inbound talk time of 2.5 minutes or less and an outbound of 3 minutes
4.2   Maintains a “Logged in Time” on the telephones of 95% of shift time
4.3   Maintains profitability on repairs dispatched (Departmental goal will be published)
4.4   Maintains an acceptable “Make Busy” time as defined in each code category / RSC level
4.5   Reach a “call re-queue” rate less than 10%

5.   Customer Service:
5.1   Treat new and potential customers with respect to encourage repeat business from them
5.2   Process all “backend” process that must be completed in a timely and full fashion
5.2.1   Callbacks
5.2.2   Sending invoices to customers
5.3   Understand that you are the VOICE of Interstar during all customer communications

6.   Other Duties / Expectations (Precursor items):
6.1   Accepts mentoring and training from RSC level II and RSC level III agents and management
6.1.1   CRA
6.1.2   Tracing
6.1.3   Vendor selection
6.2   Proactively pursues learning opportunities on his/her own
6.3   Perform functions as directed to by management
6.4   Assist with training of new hires
6.5   Reports data entry discrepancies (tire sizes, directions, etc.) to management for review and resolution

POSITION REQUIREMENTS (Knowledge, skills, abilities):
1.   Call center experience preferred
2.   Excellent customer service abilities
4.   Excellent typing abilities
5.   Excellent attendance record

1.   High school diploma
2.   Transportation industry experience a plus
3.   Familiar with Microsoft office products and the AS/400

•   No extraordinary physical demands are placed on individuals performing this job
•   Sitting for a majority of the day while on telephone
•   Climate controlled office environment