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Los Angeles, CA

Date Posted: October 4, 2017
Job Type: Temporary
Job ID: 283976

Job Description

Shipping Clerk – UPS Software Experience

Reports To: Warehouse Manager  


Shipping and Receiving Clerks support warehouse, office and sales operations by ensuring that orders that are scheduled to ship stay on schedule and are processed expediently. They are also responsible for reviewing packing lists and ensuring the correct items are shipped out properly, serving as the final quality control inspector and making sure that items aren’t damaged and that they are packaged in accordance with company standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handle outgoing shipments by checking them physically
  • Check products for defects and accuracy
  • Ensure posting of outbound deliveries using UPS shipping system software
  • Handle packaging procedures to ensure safety of shipment
  • Ensure that serial and batch numbers match the product
  • Pull, pack and ship finished goods
  • Process customers’ orders by ensuring that the right shipment is on its way
  • Handle shipment receiving duties by ensuring the right item has been delivered
  • Report and replace any defective item prior to packing
  • Prepare and paste labels on shipments
  • Prepare invoices and delivery orders
  • Ensure that all transactions are recorded in company database
  • Verify accuracy of orders by matching them with quantities and types
  • Ensure that items are properly packed and labeled
  • Make sure that items are loaded onto shipment vehicle in a safe and timely manner
  • Ensure that the warehouse is cleaned and maintained at all times
  • Other duties as assigned

 Pay Rate $14.00 -$17.00 depending on skills and experience.

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