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Brian Adkinson, Co-Owner/Strategic-Partner

Travis Ray, Co-Owner/Strategic-Partner



Brian: Over the course of my career I've held senior executive positions with domestic and international consumer products organizations, and I've owned my own company. I've launched hundreds of new products, taken business units from red to black, and elicited peak performance from team members. Along the way, I've blended the best practices of American and European management philosophies to develop a world-class approach to employing people. I get enormous satisfaction from working with people and enriching their lives; this factor weighed heavily when I evaluated options for the next step in my career. I considered over 40 organizations, and I ultimately chose PrideStaff for several reasons: they take a world-class approach to developing their staff and running their organization; they truly listen to and learn from their customers; and the industry allows me to make a real impact on individuals, businesses and my community.


Travis: The first part of my career was spent in the U.S. Army, where I attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. In this role, I acquired expertise in leading and managing people, career counseling, screening and hiring, logistics management, and workplace safety and compliance. Coming up through the ranks in the military has provided me with a skill set and results-oriented work ethic that now serves me well as a Strategic-Partner.


The Big Picture:

Brian: Early in my career I learned the value of a people-first approach in business. You can have all the capital and machinery in the world, but humans are still the backbone of any business. PrideStaff realizes the impact great people can have on organizational success when they're treated well and matched with meaningful employment opportunities. Our value lies in building trusting relationships with clients and candidates, and then connecting the right people to the right roles.


Travis: The last four words of PrideStaff's mission, "Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most," are extremely meaningful to me. Everything we do here is designed to help employers and job seekers achieve their goals. On a fundamental level, I love helping people – it's what Americans do. Working in the staffing industry allows me to give back to the people and businesses in my community.


The Scoop on Staffing:

Brian: At times in my career I've rolled up my sleeves and worked alongside temporary staff, so I have a first-hand appreciation for the value they add – and the hard work they do. Whether our solutions even out a client's seasonal fluctuations or help them grow their core team, the connections we create benefit all parties in the employment equation.


Travis: Staffing services help employers address two key challenges in our market: finding high-quality candidates (people whose skills and performance exceed expectations), and controlling costs. PrideStaff's national resources and proven processes help employers access the talented people they need, quickly and cost-effectively.


Secrets to Success:

Brian: Immersing yourself in what you do – the job, the function, the organization – is essential to learning, identifying needs, and then finding ways to meet them. Building trust is also critical. I accomplish this by treating others as I'd like to be treated, respecting them, and showing them how important they are to our shared success.


Travis: Two basic things have made me successful: my integrity and my work ethic. I never compromise my integrity to get something done, and my work ethic has helped me build honest business relationships based on trust.


Stress Relief:

Brian:  When I'm not working, I enjoy fishing and recreational boating, learning about ancient history and collecting ancient coins. I'm also a caregiver for my mother-in-law, which is a huge honor, and I love spending time with my six grandkids.


Travis: I am a family man, an outdoorsman and an artist. I love spending time with my wife, playing with our six- and seven-year-old children. I'm also an avid hunter and angler, and I enjoy playing bass guitar and drawing portraits with charcoal or pencil on paper.