PrideStaff | On Target Frequently Asked Questions


What is the value of On Target?

On Target minimizes mistakes in the temporary staffing process. By developing objective performance benchmarks and then evaluating candidates against those standards, PrideStaff can greatly increase the probability of successful temporary employees. This helps you to improve productivity, reduce temporary turnover, training time and expense, and save time in the ordering process.

Is On Target a lot of work?

For us, it can be. For you, it’s painless. We take care of documenting the job profile, interviewing current employees, conducting job shadowing analysis and administering all benchmarking evaluations. We also provide an orientation and feedback to your current employees, so they will feel comfortable and excited about the process. All we ask for is a small amount of time from supervisors and current employees to provide the data we need. Once this process is completed, we never have to repeat it unless your job profile changes.

Does On Target cost more?

No, PrideStaff rates are competitive with other professional staffing firms.

Do you use On Target for every job order?

We use On Target for most first time job orders, assuming there is enough lead time. The program works best when there are three or more people in the same job function. We’ve also developed job profiles for a variety of positions, which provide standards for lower volume staffing needs.

Who do you benchmark?

That’s up to you. We recommend taking a cross-section of your employees, not just top performers. Our goal is to understand your Minimal Acceptable Performance (MAP) levels, so we want to look at a range of people.

What if my employees don’t do well on the tests?

This is common and helps us thoroughly understand which skill areas are most important to a given position, and what level of proficiency is required. However, we want your employees to feel comfortable, so we work closely with you to ensure that everyone understands what to expect from the tests.

What types of jobs do you benchmark?

On Target is designed for clerical, administrative, professional and light industrial positions, as well as accounting, finance, human resources, insurance and customer service.

Our jobs are very unique; can you benchmark what’s important to us?

We utilize more than 500 different evaluation criteria in our benchmarking process. However, if required, we can work with you to develop custom tests to evaluate the unique aspects of your business.

What if I need someone in a rush?

Not a problem. We recognize that some staffing situations require immediate response. In these instances, we will put our team’s experience to work to help you find a suitable candidate as quickly as possible.

Does On Target really make a difference?

Our clients say it does! 97% of hiring managers using On Target gave top ratings on first time fills (compared to 89% without On Target). Our clients claim that the On Target process improves morale, increases productivity and reduces turnover.

Do you have to be a big company to use On Target?

No, how we apply On Target to your business will depend upon the number of people you need for the position(s) to be profiled. In all cases, we will meet with you at your location to develop each job profile and select the most appropriate method for creating your benchmarks.

Who’s using On Target?

Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Examples include:

  • A national university building consistency among call center specialists.
  • A healthcare company looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical billings.
  • A nationwide facilities maintenance company looking to upgrade the quality of its customer service department.