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Bill Hamrick

Bill Hamrick

Vice President, Learning and System Support

Bill brings over 30 years of staffing, executive management and consulting experience to PrideStaff's leadership team.
Over the course of his career, he has worked as both an individual contributor and a senior executive to fuel success for independent and national staffing firms. Bill combines this expertise with his experience as a performance and learning consultant to support the training and development needs of PrideStaff's rapidly growing organization.

The big picture

Information is becoming obsolete more rapidly than ever. Change is occurring at the speed of light. The composition of our workforce is fundamentally transforming. These three factors make continual learning – and flexible approaches to educating – more important than ever.

My vision is to create a comprehensive, sustainable and long-term training and development program that fuels engagement and success for every PrideStaff employee. I'm honored to be in a position where I can help individuals grow on a professional, as well as a personal, level.

The scoop on staffing

Over the past several decades, staffing has evolved to become a critical part of employers' workforce strategies – allowing them to stay competitive in our now-global marketplace. 
Our role is to use our staffing expertise to help employers meet their unique challenges and improve profitability.

Secrets to success

I work with some very smart and talented people, and I've learned that a collaborative approach helps each of us become more successful. Personally, my persistence and positive attitude have always allowed me to view obstacles as "speed bumps" – and not stop until I get over them.


Stress relief

I'm an outdoorsman who enjoys cycling and camping. I love to disconnect from work by spending time with family, whether we're taking a trip to the beach, sailing or just watching a good football game. And when things get stressful, I rely on my southern sense of humor to help defuse tense situations.