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George Rogers

George Rogers

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

George founded PrideStaff in 1978, in Fresno, CA. Since then, he has overseen the growth of the PrideStaff network to over 60 franchise offices and three specialty firms: PrideStaff Financial, Rx relief and Insurance Relief. Prior to PrideStaff, George founded and developed American Homecare, a pioneering home healthcare staffing company with offices in California and Washington. American Homecare was acquired by a large, national staffing company in 1985. 

The big picture

I hope to always be unafraid of new ideas and the inevitable changes that will occur in both my personal and professional life. It is my mission to provide opportunities and environments in which others can achieve their goals.

The scoop on staffing

The staffing industry is unique in that it functions purely on relationships, and I get great satisfaction from every interaction. Our industry is in a constant state of change, which forces us to stay fresh and agile.

Secrets to success

I’ve always believed in having a vision. With the help of others, I create plans to accomplish visions…and never, ever give up.

Stress relief

Believe it or not, goal accomplishment is a great relief. Yes, striving for goals can create stress, but accomplishment makes it all worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong though, I also love the beauty of a perfect golf swing and never give up trying to achieve it.