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Daan Renssen, Owner/Strategic-Partner

Nieke Renssen, Owner/Strategic-Partner



Daan Renssen
I was born in Africa but have spent time traveling throughout the world. I spent a good deal of time in the Netherlands and earned my Master of Science degree. From there, I worked on international assignments with Philips Electronics and Belkin, spending time in Asia, Europe and the U.S. These experiences have allowed me to work in a variety of settings and work with a wide array of people with different backgrounds and cultures. As a marketing, sales and management professional, I have seen firsthand the importance of hiring the right people to develop strong teams.


Nieke Renssen
I grew up in Malaysia and studied in the Netherlands earning my Master of Science degree. After graduating, I worked with Philips Electronics, helping to lead their marketing and business development efforts across the globe. From there, I honed my business and leadership skills by launching my own holistic and well-being center.  These experiences have allowed me to learn from different cultures around the world and taught me the importance of being flexible and able to relate and adapt to different people.  Since moving to Thousand Oaks, we have fallen in love with the area and look forward to settling down and building a successful organization that contributes to the growth of this area.


The Big Picture:
At PrideStaff, we have the resources and expertise of a large, national firm and the level of service you would expect from a locally owned business. Our first step is to meet with our clients to gain a clear understanding of what each client values most. From there, we offer a personalized plan to solve key business challenges.


We take a similar approach with our candidates. Talent is the driving force of our business, and we take specific steps to make sure we provide our candidates with the proper support and training needed to be successful. We start with one-on-one personal interviews to determine skills, experience, goals and interests. During that interview we discuss what they value most as an employee.


As a locally owned business, we focus exclusively on serving our local area which includes Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills and Malibu. This provides our clients and associates with quick decision-making and flexible solutions. The result is a faster hiring and employment process so new talent can begin making a difference quickly. Coupled with the tools, support and scope provided by our corporate office, we're able to offer a more personal experience with the reach of a large national firm.


The Scoop on Staffing:
Throughout Europe and Asia, the use of temporary staffing solutions were commonplace and helped companies more quickly adapt to changing consumer demands and growing competition. We are now beginning to see companies in our area embrace this new workforce model and transition to a more flexible workforce. At PrideStaff, we help companies with their strategic staffing models that support growth and new business initiatives while limiting employment risk and exposure.


From entry-level to executive experience in administrative and manufacturing sectors, we help companies find the talent they need to grow. Whether on a temporary or contract, temporary-to-hire or direct hire basis, our flexible employment options will help solve your biggest workforce challenges.


Secrets to Success:
Through our experience we have learned there isn't one secret to success. Instead it's a combination of integrity, honesty, openness, optimism and curiosity.


We continually look to learn something new from every individual we meet and every challenge we face. We enjoy tackling difficult problems from a new angle to help find the best possible solution.


We've found that curiosity is the driving force behind trying and experiencing new things while optimism is the driving force behind finding new solutions. By staying positive and motivated, you will always find the sunny side of any problem.


Stress Relief:
As you could already tell, we love to travel and experience new things. We enjoy spending time outdoors, and our passions include hiking with our Rhodesian Ridgeback, mountain biking, yoga, spending time on the beach and being active. We love spending time with family and friends; enjoying good food, good wine and good company.


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