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How to Handle Inappropriate Attire in the Workplace

Posted in Management Best Practices

"Are they headed to the office – or the beach?!" If you've ever thought this when looking at an employee's work outfit, today's post is just for you. While the...
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How to Deal with Unacceptable Behavior in the Workplace

Posted in Human Resources, Management Best Practices

Tempers flaring? Attitudes need adjusting? Workers slacking off? It must be summer! While most of your employees are probably even-keeled and productive all year long, the heat of the summer...
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It Had to Be Done: How to Ease the Firing Process

Posted in Top Jobs

Firing employees is part and parcel of any manager's job. Sometimes, it can bring great relief – especially if the person being fired is a real slacker or a downright...
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How to Keep Your Employees Engaged All Summer

Posted in Management Best Practices

For many businesses, June, July and August are the busiest months of the year. Unfortunately, they're also prime months for employees to slack off and mentally check out. In many...
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How Companies Handle Workplace Drug Testing

Posted in Human Resources

Workplace drug testing? It’s a hot topic – and with good reason. Thanks to historically low unemployment, employers across the country are struggling to recruit qualified candidates. At the same...
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HR New Year's Resolution: Streamline the Hiring Process

Posted in Recruiting

Ever identify a great candidate – an individual with the ideal combination of experience, skills and personality style who's looking for a job – only to hear "thanks but no...
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