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Targeting a Company Where You Want to Work

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Landing a job with your target employer requires more than just applying to job postings. Use PrideStaff's tips to get a job with your dream company.
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Unemployed Doesn't Mean Unqualified

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Being out of work takes a real toll on your confidence and emotional well-being. When you're searching for a job while unemployed, it can be tough to convince yourself –...
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Gathering Professional References

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On the job hunt? A strong recommendation could tip the scales in your favor. Use PrideStaff’s tips to gather solid references that will help you get the job.
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Asking for Recommendations

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Although it may not be the most exciting part of your job search, gathering solid recommendations is critical. In fact, all other things being equal, a glowing reference may be the deciding factor that tips the scales in your favor. So get started now. Use these essential tips for gathering recommendations through LinkedIn and other sources...
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