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Be the Star of Your 4th of July Party

Posted in Fun Stuff

Getting ready to host an Independence Day picnic or backyard barbecue? Today's post contains links to all the inspiration and instructions you need. Our team of recruiting and employment experts...
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Becoming a Billionaire

Posted in Career Best Practices, Management Best Practices

Want to join the ranks of the Zuckerbergs, Trumps and Winfreys of the world? Just start your own billion-dollar business. Simple, right? Well maybe not. Statistically speaking, you're way more...
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5 Steps to Make Sure New Policies Get Implemented Not Disregarded

Posted in Human Resources, Management Best Practices

You've worked hard to create a new workplace policy that will benefit your company greatly. You deserve a pat on the back! But your work isn't done. Once that beautiful...
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St. Patrick's Day Facts & Traditions

Posted in Fun Stuff

Here are a few facts (and legends) from PrideStaff about the origins, symbols and traditions surrounding St. Patrick's Day.
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Happy 4th of July!

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At PrideStaff, we take pride in all we do. We also take tremendous pride in being part of our great nation. As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we thought it might be fun to share some interesting facts about our country and the 4th of July holiday...
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